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Monday December 18th 2017

Finding Quality, Qualified Employees To Support Growth

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Guest: Carlos Baldizón-Martini – Career Services Advisor, The Illinois Institute of Art – Chicago
Mr. Baldizón-Martini brings together companies, students and recent grads. The Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago provides a free placement service and works with a variety of employers to help them find qualified, entry-level graduates.

Guest: Kathy Bennicoff, D.M., Vice President of Career Services, Lincoln College of Technology. Ms. Bennicoff oversees the Career Services department. Each of Lincoln’s individual campuses has a dedicated Career Services Department designed to assist students.

Schools As A Resource

Colleges, universities, even trade schools, are an excellent resource because they offer a free service to employers in placing current students and alumni.

It’s also a resource that’s equally beneficial to employers and to students and recent graduates. You know students can learn because they’ve completed an education, are able and willing to work. They’ve got references, attendance, grades, motivation in a real life situation. That’s invaluable.

A lot of positives to help new and small businesses who don’t have a big budget.  Nothing is free, but this is a good service.

Responsibilities of the Hiring Manager

It’s very important to communicate with Career Services the progress and success of hired students and recent grads and to inform them of any issues that may arise. Be honest to the person you’re talking to or be realistic about what you’re looking for, like what skills do you need, what is the person going to be doing.

Differences Between an Intern and a Recent Grad

One thing that company should understand is that part of their responsibility is training an intern. Look at skill level of intern. Taking on an intern is not free help. It can be a lot of work, you need to be prepared to give an awful lot, but it may be extremely rewarding.

You shouldn’t bring on an intern if you need to hire somebody to do work. In Illinois it’s not legal to displace a paid worker with an intern.

How To Find Someone

First find a school that offers the program that you want; search online for schools in your area.

If you call a school you can usually ask for “Career Services” although at some schools it could be called Student Services or Job Placement. At some larger colleges each department might have an individual unit to handle internships and alumni placement. Ask for an internship specifically if that is what you want.

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