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Monday December 18th 2017

SEO Myths

Compiled and Edited by: Lanelle Lanton, NuZoo Media

Anchor Text

An anchor text is the blue, viewable text in hyperlinks. In other words, they are the words that you click on to take you to another webpage.

Are they important? Yes. Anchor text help determine your ranking in comparison to other websites.

Keywords in Domain Name

Do keywords in a domain name help your ranking? Yes. As to how helpful they are, no one knows; however given that Google has over 200 signals to determine rankings of websites, one can only assume that keywords carry some weight.

Free For All Pages: Are they really worth the time?

Free-For-All pages FFA pages, also known as Free For All pages, are pages that allow anyone to submit a link to them, free of cost and without having to link back to the page. A common myth is that FFA pages equates to an immense amount of traffic.

There is 1 major problem with this idea: quality traffic is not guaranteed.

The folks over at A Promotion Guide actually conducted an experiment to test the effectiveness of FFA pages. Their results were shocking.

… I waited for a week and then gathered the results. What were they like? I saw immediately that my submissions had caused a real flood… but not one of traffic… The E-mail address I had created for the purpose of conducting this experiment got buried in confirmation E-mails and other spam mail… The worst part is, such spamming will not stop after you’ve received one mail from every page you submitted to. Some people seem to think that if you post once to their FFA page, you’re requesting to be bugged from here to eternity with their advertisements.

Good Content Means Optimal SEO

Yes, quality content is a contestant in the race for obtaining high SEO rankings, but it is runner up to the power of links. Even an even balance between links and quality content.

For help on crating content to suite your SEO needs, check out They offer awesome advice with small business owners in mind.

Page Ranks

Losing sleep at night over a lousy page rank is worthless. Toolbar Pagerank Is Not An Accurate Representation Of A Website’s True Reputation With Google. There are instances where lower-PR URL’s rank higher-PR URL’s in Google’s SERP’s (search engine results pages). Therefore you send only concern yourself with your rank in Google’s SERP’s.

Reciprocal Links

“Link me and I’ll link you back.” It sounds enticing but the truth is if your website discusses beauty products and you receive a reciprocal link from a website that sells toilet plungers…well…you get the point. The traffic from the toilet plunger website is not quality and holds no benefits for you. Exchange links with those within your industry.

Twitter vs. SEO

You will only benefit from Twitter if your profile is entertaining, reliable, and genuine. Also, Twitter is now including tweets within Google search results. If you are not a good at Twitter, then don’t bother with it.

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